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When do you ship?
Here in Northern New England  its always a race to get all our peony work done before the ground freezes.  Typically we start digging mid-late August and start shipping orders at the end of September going thru October.
What exactly do we  get?
Peony growers have long ago established that  a standard peony root division have 3-5 eyes.  The idea is to have enough root mass to support the 3-5 stems that should develop from these eyes and is actually more important then eye count
I'll be getting flowers next year...right?
Well.....no promises.
We often hear from previous customers that they do indeed have a flower or two the first year,  but peonies do require patience.  Stems should double every year with lots of flowers by the third year.
How do we plant them?
We of course include detailed planting instructions which we recommend you follow.  Its really though all about the soil.  Dig a bushell basket size hole, put in the best soil you can get your hands on, some natural ammendments (we like a handful of bone meal and greensand) and mulch the first yr. Your peonies will be very happy.  And oh yes,  peonies  LOVE and need full sun and HATE being in a wet soggy home.
Can we pick our order up?
Sure, and no doubt you will get a root thats a bit bigger as we always end up trimming the root to fit the shipping box.
But please call ahead to make sure we are here (802-259-2716)
This storefront system uses Paypal.  Its real safe and works pretty good for us small operations.  It works with both credit cards and debit transactions however you do have to sign up for it.  If you DON"T want to use it, call or email us and you can make other arrangements
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ATTN COLLECTORS: We have many more varities then what is listed and if you are looking for a specific cultivar email us with your request and we will see whether we have it available