In the Green Mountains of   Vermont, what was once the old Frost farm  is now      home to our peony plant     nursery. We have been working this rocky piece of  hillside for over 30 years        and for more then 20 of     those years have been liking the way peonies take  to this ground. During the  early years we have tried  strawberries, raspberries,      a market garden, dried          flowers and cut flowers.        Never full time, but just            enough to know that          working with a piece of     land is a most satisfying. venture.

300 different varieties of peonies are grown here.  From the classical full doubles that your Grandmother kept to the newest hybrid varieties. Singles doubles & Japanese are all well represented and we are always looking and adding the more unusual forms and colors that today's hybridizers (incl. ourselves) are developing.

 We are located 1.5 miles off of route 103  between Ludlow and Rutland, in Belmont    Vermont.  At an elevation of almost 2000'     our bloom season is among the latest in      the East and typically goes into the 1st       week of July. Click onto directions at the                     top left of this page.
​      Call for volunteers!!
As you may know we are getting out of the plant business and have been increasing our cut flower capabilities. We hope to keep the display field for all peony lovers to visit in the future.But we need your help! Yup, we've gotten older and the workload from our real jobs means we are asking for volunteers to help with the weeding in exchange for a potted plant or cut peonies. Nice  working conditions! If you would like to volunteer contact Nancy at

cv. Lotus Bloom
We have an ongoing regime of cover cropping, tillage and plant based products that seem to work well for us in keeping  things in balance here. Although we are not "certified" organic we are strong believers in the practice 

cv.  Paula Fay
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      This year at  
    Frost Hill Farm
  This will be our last year    selling potted plants as we  have been expanding our cut   peony business and will be selling cut peonies only after this year. We will have about 300 potted plants to sell this   year and plan to keep our     display field open to the  public in the future for your enjoyment.If you are coming just to enjoy the peonies and  not to purchase a plant,you  can come anytime during the  month of June. Posted hours   are for plant sales only as     there will be no staff to         assist at other times.
o Etched Salmon
Coral Charm

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   starting june 8th                           

             June 2015 hours
      Fridays through Sundays
   June 11th through June 28th
                                 Walter Faxon
        In our younger years full of pep!