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                     Join us for the Great Peony Dig Out

       We are retiring and selling a large section of our        Peony field, and will be offering dig your own mature                                 plants for  $25. per plant.
 Sunday, June 11th and Monday, June 12th, 10am-3pm
        Friday, June 16th through Monday June 19th, 

         Cash sales only. Please read  below for day of            digging information and  for how to prepare and plant                                 spring dug peonies.

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                     About spring planting peonies:

 Although fall planting is usually recommended and       easier, you can successfully dig out a plant in the       spring and replant. Many people do this when they     are moving and want to take their plants with them     or because of renovations to the space where their  garden is. You must be prepared though to have the     space ready and be willing to give it plenty of water     throughout the summer and into the fall until it is            ready to go dormant. Especially true with our             droughty summers! So if you are away on vacation,  it’s important to have someone water while you are      gone. If this works for you, then before you come…

   Locate where you will plant and prepare your soil:

     For peonies to flower profusely in  our northern  location, they require full sun. Even all morning sun   just isn’t enough for a good bloom. Your location in    the garden for them should also be at least 3 -4 feet      away from any other perennials and further from any shrubs., if you want a thriving specimen plant. If     you crowd them, they will be competing with the roots of other plants for water and nutrients. Peonies  do not tolerate soil that stays wet and doesn’t drain.  For the easiest transition into your garden, dig your hole before you come! It should be at least 2 feet wide  and deep- peony roots are huge! Remove any rocks      and supplement your soil with compost or a good            organic fertilizer, such as Pro Gro. If the soil is  amended well when you plant, it will only need to be      fertilized every 4 or 5 years after. Don’t use any          Miracle Grow or Scott’s type product- they are too      high in nitrogen and will produce lush foliage, but                                               few blooms. 

                           When you come here to dig:

  You will need to bring a sharp spade and perhaps  a       friend, if you need help lifting out the plants and            their large  roots. Their smaller feeder roots are             active and you want to disturb them as little as  possible for a  successful transplant. That said, there  are many plants that are quite large and will need to be divided into two or more plants. If you choose one   that is that large, we can advise you on how best to     do so. You will need to put them into something to       transport them to your car. We recommend  strong  contractor bags with the top half cut off or tarps.We  will have 2 large wheelbarrows  for you to transport      them to your car. When you get home, gently ease the plants, trying not to disturb their roots too much,   into the hole you have dug. It’s important to make        sure the plants are at the same depth as when you dug them out. Too deep and they may not flower. Too          shallow and they may not survive our harsh             winters.You can see where the soil markings are on    the plant as a guide. And then, water, water! And you    will be rewarded! They may look like they falter at  first, but don’t be alarmed, Peonies are tough to kill,  though they may be set back a bit.  If your plant had flowers on it, deadhead the flowers after blooming to      encourage root growth, rather than having the                      plant’s energy going into making seed. 

​  Parking and  garden etiquette we                    ask you to observe:

         No early birds, please. No                                    exceptions.

    We may get quite busy at times.  Parking is just off our driveway on  the grass where it is level. You can park on the road, but be aware that   there are ditches on both sides of      the road. And please don’t block         our neighbor’s drive across the                                   street. 

 No dogs, please. We love our pets,    but many people feel intimidated                 and your pet may feel                   overwhelmed with the activity in the field. Absolutely no exceptions. 

     There will be two of us here to              assist you in choosing your              plant(s). Please check in with us      first before digging- many plants     are not available for digging this          year. If we are busy, please be            patient and we will get to you.

  There are vegetables and annuals growing in the field immediately in front of the beginning of our peony    rows. Please do not go near this         area. If you are digging a plant from the first row next to it, please go to the far side of that row to dig. 

We will also be selling cut your own      flowers for $1. a stem, Fridays         through Mondays only,  starting  June 19 and every subsequent long   weekend through July 3rd. Bring       clippers, a bucket with water and  we will direct you to where the cut                          flowers are. 
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